Sales were up 108.8% in Saskatoon (going from 273 to 570) in March, 2021. Sales in Saskatoon were 72.9% above the 5-year average. Year-to-Date (YTD) sales in Saskatoon rose 66.2% over last year (increasing from 722 to 1,200)

Sales volume was up 118.0% in Saskatoon, going from $94.7M to $206.5M in 2021 (82.4% above the 5-year average, and 76.7% above the 10-year average). YTD sales volume in Saskatoon was $427.8M (an increase of 78.4% from last year), In Saskatoon, the number of new listings in March 2021 rose 53.8%, going from 602 to 926 (23.3% above the 5-year average). YTD new listings rose 23.4% (going from 547 to 675).

Active listings fell 12.0% in Saskatoon (down from 1,454 to 1,279). Inventory in Saskatoon…

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